Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Old man miller

I sit here, dreading writing this but knowing i need to.  Something is wrong with Miller.  He turned 14 this year and about two days ago, stopped eating.  We have been trying various foods and some he will eat but most he won't.  Dog food is out.  Baby food is a sometimes and we have gotten him to eat a piece of cheese pizza, some spaghetti, some vienna sausauges and the juice and some cheese slices.  That is it.  So I am trying to choke down all of these thoughts.  He had a clean check up this spring when he went in so this has snuck up on us.  We left for vacation two saturdays ago and left him as his favorite place in the whole world, alice's farm for a little over a week.  This is where we have done agility for years and he seemed happy when we dropped him off and left and when we came back to pick him up.  He would not have liked all the travel and hubub of going to TN for over a week.  I am very glad we boarded him, even if it was an outside run. He got tons of walks, a pool, lots of fresh water and food.  I know he was very well taken care of.  This just happened.  He has been slowing down for a while but it has been gradual.  Here recently he hasn't been able to jump in the van and the last few days, he won't even attempt the stairs to the bedroom upstairs.  It's weird, I was just talking to someone about how well he had aged and how I was super surprised at how well he was doing for a 14 year old.  Now this.  I have been randomly crying all day.  Wished I could have gotten him in to the vet sooner but got him in as soon as I could.  He doesn't seem to be in any pain.  His hind end seems to be betraying him but he is still going out to the yard and doing his business without assistance.  I have already decided no extreme measures, just comfort and care till the end.  I am hoping this isn't the end but I fear that it might be.  To be continued.

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  1. I know that you will do whatever is right for your boy. It still sucks.