Saturday, June 29, 2013

A quick update.  Miller has a mass that seems to be growing in his thyroid area.  We are pretty sure it is cancer.  Bloodwork came back that all of his organs were functioning and x-rays showed no lesions or indication that it has spread to other areas.  Lymph nodes on palpation all seem normal.  So we are super puzzled.  Such a fast growing mass like this should surely be cancer yet all signs point to something else.  He has been running a fever as high as 104.  We have gotten it down to 102.5 today using antibiotics.  His appetite has gotten worse so we are using steriods to combat the lack of appetite and the inflammation.  It is a shot in the dark.  We are probably still going to arrive at the same answer in the end.  He seems to not be in pain but dang this dog is stoic.  He is very tolerant of me shoving pills down his throat.  Still drinking and peeing, just not much poop but that is to be expected with the lack of eating.  I will not prolong any suffering but it seems he isn't suffering or else he is hiding it very well.  He was super perky this morning and spent quite a while on the deck sunning.  I hate not knowing what to do.  We are taking a very conservative approach, keep him comfortable and see what we can do to fight the infection. I don't want any more invasive procedures.  We did a needle biopsy a few days ago and that showed us nothing so why keep trying.  I am sure it wasn't fun for him at all even though he let them do anything they wanted.  He really has been a trooper through all of this.  His back end seems to be getting weaker but I hope that is just a product of not eating.  I am hoping tonight we can find something he likes.  So far we haven't found anything consistent.  One night he ate some animal crackers.  One night he ate some vienna sausages and last night he licked some baby food.  Going to do what is right but I don't think it is time yet.  Harley has been laying with him alot.  Harley was miller's puppy so they are pretty tight, plus they are the old men of the house.  TO be continued.

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