Wednesday, March 16, 2011

agility-mine that is

I have a separate blog for me but I thought i would put this on miller's blog because it does pertain to me and running in agility. I am pretty sure I talked about this before on this blog but I am hugely over weight right now and it is really, really effecting my runs. I have tried a long list of diets and exercises programs including weight watchers and taking classes through our school's rec center but nothing really sticks. I get bored easily or I fall off of the wagon or get injuried or just give up. I have been super successful at WW but it turned me into a food freak and I just can't go there again. I was totally addicted to their products, spending a ton of money, and feeling guilty about EVERTYHING i put in my mouth, thus causing me to binge. Now mind you, most people look at me and think there is no way she is over weight and I did encounter alot of people not liking me at WW BUT, I am 5 foot even and every little extra pound is really hard on my body. Right now, I weigh 143 lbs and am in a size 8 (tightly) and this is WAY too much for my little frame. I did the whole personal trainer thing last year and loved it and was pretty gung ho until i got injured and got out of sync and then just plain ole gave up. Winter clothes can hide pudge so I just started buying hoodies with pockets in the front and going about my business. I had been avoiding the scale for a while and then Lori decided to start a fitness challenge for people of all star. You know, it is funny, I know how to stay in shape, I have been athletic all my life. I know how to eat right, I have been through years of WW and of course I did get an MS in food science so I know these things. I have just been choosing to ignore all of this. We have been eating out alot and that will stop now that tony is laid off again. I have also been ignoring portion size and drinking a beer with dinner every night. I have been doing 0 amount of exercise. Why, who knows. I haven't been motivated at all for some reason. Usually changing sizes of clothes gets me to going, but nope, not this time. So here I am, getting ready for the fitness challenge and trying to figure out what my goals are. I do want to exercise more. Miller isn't getting any class time so the more I can do with him walking/jogging wise the better. Tony is severely overweight so the more I can get out with him the better. I worry about his heart, especially with the stress he is under. Anway, I found my motivation, I hope i can stick with it. I am doing the couch to 5 K program and already have a couple of races in mind to enter. Will I ever win, hell no but wouldn't it be fun to say I actually ran a 5 K and didn't die LOL? So here is to starting again, getting the weight off, sticking to something and making a change in my life. I am READY!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miller FFF, Wichita and Carthage

Well, we were on a roll for a while getting one or two double Qs per show and now we have hit a slow down again. We got 0 Qs in wichita and only got Qs in JWW in Carthage. I guess for me, if we get those last 9 QQs, great, yippeee, but if we don't, he is having so much fun right now that I don't care. I am not going to move him down and start over as I thought I might, am just going to let him run and have fun. Even though I am not doing any hardcore training with him right now, he is still keeping bars up and still sound. He gets to run alot at the farm I practice at and he LOVES it. I was a little worried after the Wichita trial as the mistakes he was making were a little indicitive of the last injury he had. He didn't want to go out on any sequences that required me getting some lateral distance, and then fell off of the teeter barking at me. We are trying these running starts to see if that keeps him reved up and running but I think they are not the thing for us as I am not getting into position quick enough, especially if it is a front cross I need to do and I am having some mid course collisions with him. My fear is that his start line stay is probably gone at this point so I would have to go back and re-train it and at this point, I am not up for re-training with him. His dog walks have been funny here lately too. He stops when I stop (which is usually far out from the dog walk) and then he boings off. The good thing is he is usually in the yellow LOL! I just want him to end his career having fun and not worrying about much. He knows what to do:)

My greatest fear is what to do with him when it is time to retire. He isn't a cuddly, in your face kind of dog, has always preferred to be on his bed or in the other room for that matter. He is the first dog I have that prefers to be in a crate over being out and in my lap. However, having said that, he is very much a momma's boy and will jump through fire to get to me if he thinks I am leaving him. I do not think boarding him will ever be an option. He doesn't play well with others so doggy daycare won't work but I would hate the thought of dragging him to shows and then him not getting to play. I know I can get him out and do a practice jump or something but he is still dragging me to the ring at every show. I open up his crate and ask him if he wants to run and he comes bounding out, jumping up and barking at me. That is our signal, when he no longer does these things, he is done. I am hoping that I am not going to retire him soon but I keep on thinking about these things. What to do. When Tony stays home, he can keep him but Tony has been coming to alot of shows here lately thus all the dogs have to come. The other issue is the famous money issue. I would like to do more with Deuce in the way of more USDAA shows (which means traveling distance), more seminars, and more classes at shows like FAST. This takes away money from Miller's runs:( I am hoping that money won't decide when he retires. I am still just doing two shows a month and only two days a show even though it is KILLING me. I want to do more and I know it will be worse when Deuce gets into Excellent. I guess at that point, I will really have to re-evaluate my goals with miller. Am doing a few shows without him so I can travel with others to USDAA, but want to try and get that last P3 gamblers leg to finish up his P3 title. He now has his P3 jumpers title and still needs one or two legs for standard so will probably continue to do at least standard and gamblers and snooker for fun. I hate having to make these decisons, who gets to run, who doesn't and who gets classes left out. URGH!!!!!