Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Update

Here is a Miller PT update. I am tirelessly doing all the PT exercises that the PT prescribes. I will admit, some times I feel overwhelmed with all of them. I did email her and see if I could leave some out and we did come up with a plan that is better for my schedule. Before I was doing a full session of PT in the am after I got up, a full PT session when I got home from work and then a full PT session before I went to bed. I was feeling like all I did was work on miller. Now, I did enjoy it, don't get me wrong and I know Miller enjoyed it but the poor puppy was getting 0 amount of attention and the hubby was getting pretty neglected as well. Now, with the shorter sessions, I have more time to mess with the puppy and more time to play GH!

Overall, I think Miller is doing better. He seems happier and has gotten more use to me messing with him. He did jump up and put his front legs on my legs the other day which made him support his full weight on both back legs and he did so with no problems. My biggest fear at this point is that we are going to re-injure the injury or that we are going to fight this for the rest of his life. I am just not going to think those thoughts, just be positive and roll with the punches at this time. He is due back for another PT visit but I haven't had the extra cash flow and time off to go back.